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Box Office Pricing

Open Daily 30 Minutes Before Showtime
General Admission

A photo I.D. is required to purchase a ticket for an R rated or NC-17 rated movie! Anyone under the age of 17 needs to have a parent in attendance to see an R-rated movie.


Please Keep your ticket, it is your receipt and responsibility. If you are in a theatre without a proper ticket you can be charged with theft of services and charged with tresspassing.

Advance ticket sales are non-refundable. If you need to refund a ticket, purchased the same day, you have twenty minutes from the start of your movie to return to the box office and refund your ticket, or ask for a ticket to a different movie. Without a proper ticket you will not be allowed in the theater.

Passes cannot be accepted for 3-D movies or 2-D Sony Pictures or Warner Brothers Motion Pictures... or the first two weeks of any 2-D movie engagement.
All Showtimes and auditoriums subject to change without notice!

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